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Here's a picture of Peter Norbot, from a couple of years back. Peter sent me the picture, and asked me to post it, along with a message that he was single, and looking for a Mary Jane.

Well, two years later, he finally got an email from a cute redhead who was surfing the 'net, saw the picture, and fell for him. Internet romance, eh?

Sadly, Peter tells me that things didn't work out with the Redhead. I guess you can't believe everything you read in comics, huh?

A friend of Peter's managed to dig out another photo of Peter from when he was 17. Looks like this boy has been a dedicated Spider-Fan for quite some time.

Ooops... looks like Peter forgot to do up his shirt. Sure hope his secret identity doesn't slip out! For the record, that's Jacob (the small one) and Angie (the large one).