Credits : "Tom Raney"

Spider-Man credits for Tom Raney.

This page only lists credits on Spider-Man related comics and items, it should not be taken as a complete career credit listing.

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Avengers Academy
May 2011 Pencils: Avengers Academy #11
Jun 2011 Pencils: Avengers Academy #12
Dec 2011 Pencils: Avengers Academy #20
Avengers vs. X-Men: Consequences
Dec 2012 Artist: Avengers vs. X-Men: Consequences #1
Civil War One Shots
Mar 2007 Pencils: Civil War: The Return (Story 1)
Mar 2007 Pencils: Civil War: The Return (Story 2)
Comics Buyer's Guide
Aug 2006 Cover Art: Comics Buyer's Guide #1618
Dark Reign: Hawkeye
Jun 2009 Pencils: Dark Reign: Hawkeye #1
Exiles Annual
Feb 2007 Pencils: Exiles Annual #1
Iron Man (Vol. 2)
Nov 1997 Cover Art: Iron Man (Vol. 2) #13
Mad Magazine (U.S.)
Dec 2004 Artist: Mad Magazine (U.S.) #448
Marvel Poster Magazines
Oct 2011 Artist: Fear Itself Poster Book
Marvel Saga One Shots
Oct 2008 Cover Art: Marvel: Your Universe
Feb 2009 Artist: Marvel Saga: War of the Kings
Mutant X
Feb 1999 Pencils: Mutant X #5
Sep 1999 Add. Art: Mutant X #12
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (A-Z Update)
Mar 2007 Cover Art: Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (A-Z Update) #1
Siege One Shots
Jul 2010 Artist: The Sentry: Fallen Sun (Siege Epilogue)
Thor (Vol. 2)
Sep 2002 Pencils: Thor (Vol. 2) #51
Ultimate X-Men
Mar 2006 Pencils: Ultimate X-Men #66
Apr 2006 Pencils: Ultimate X-Men #67
Sep 2006 Pencils: Ultimate X-Men #72 (Story 1)
Warlock Chronicles
Jul 1993 Artist: Warlock Chronicles #1