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At this time, the X-Men had a major success with their "Age Of Apocalypse" storyline featuring an alternate world in which Professor X died and Magneto founded the X-Men in his memory. This storyline was highlighted by the entire X-Family "restarting" their respective series with a new name (they returned to normal after four months).

The powers-that-were decided that the same thing should be done with Spider- Man. At this point in Spider-Man history the spider-clone was proven to be the original Spider-Man (as of Spectacular Spider-Man #226. Following their marching orders, the creators applied the "strange new world" concept to the Ben Reilly character and thus the "Scarlet Spider" titles were created.

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Scarlet Spider (Vol. 1) #1
Nov 1995 : NM ($2.00) : SM Title

Summary: The Pro hired to eliminate Jason Tso
Arc: Part 3 of "Virtual Mortality"
Editor:  Bob Budiansky
Plot:  Howard Mackie
Writer:  Todd DeZago
Pencils:  Gil Kane
Inker:  Tom Palmer
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Scarlet Spider (Vol. 1) #2
Dec 1995 : NM ($2.00) : SM Title

Summary: Joe Wade transformed into the new Scarlet Spider
Arc: Part 3 of "Cyber-War"
Editor:  Bob Budiansky
Writer:  Howard Mackie
Pencils:  John Romita, Jr.
Inker:  Al Williamson
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