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At one time or another all kids think they have the most evil parents in the world. The Runaways really did. Nico Minoru: daughter of dark wizards. Gerturde Yorkes: daughter of time-travelling despots. Chase Stein: son of mad scientists. Molly Hayes: daughter of evil mutants. Victor Mancha: son of evil robot Ultron. Old Lace: genetically engineered dinosaur. The line-up has changed over the months, but the mission remains the same: take responsibility for their parents actions, clean up the streets of LA and make sure no-one steps into the void left by The Pride

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Runaways #1
Jul 2003 : NM ($150.00) : SM Reference
Summary: Spider-Man Reference: In Alex Wilder's Video Game
Arc: Part 1 of "Pride and Joy"
Editor:  C.B. Cebulski
Writer:  Brian K. Vaughan
Pencils:  Adrian Alphona
Inker:  David Newbold
Cover Art:  Jo Chen
Colorist:  Brian Reber
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 Reprinted In: Marvel Tales Flip Magazine #7

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