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Section Name: Spider-Man Books (Not Coloring & Activity)
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Note: Comics shown are for database purposes only. None of these comics are for sale. Valuations shown are indicative Near Mint Values. Dates shown are cover dates.

Marvel Graphic Novel (No. 1) Death Of Captain Marvel
Year 1982 : NM ($80.00) : SM Guest
Summary: Spider-Man Appears
Editor:  Al Milgrom
Writer:  Jim Starlin
Artist:  Jim Starlin
Staff Only
 Reprinted In: Marvel 75th Anniversary Omnibus #1
 Reprinted In: The Death Of Captain Marvel (TPB)
Marvel Graphic Novel (No. 17) Revenge Of The Living Monolith
Year 1985 : NM ($10.00) : SM Guest
Find ISBN 0871350831
Summary: Spider-Man Appears
Editor:  James Owsley
Story:  David Michelinie
Pencils:  Marc Silvestri
Inker:  Geof Isherwood
Staff Only
Marvel Graphic Novel (No. 22) Spider-Man: Hooky
Year 1986 : NM ($15.00) : SM Title
Editor:  Archie Goodwin, Daniel Chichester, Margaret Clark
Writer:  Susan K. Putney
Pencils:  Berni Wrightson
Inker:  Berni Wrightson
Staff Only
Marvel Graphic Novel (No. 27) Avengers: Emperor Doom
Year 1987 : NM ($30.00) : SM Cameo
Find ISBN 0871352567
Summary: Avengers vs. Doctor Doom (Tiny Spider-Man Cameo)
Editor:  Jim Salicrup
Writer:  David Michelinie
Pencils:  Bob Hall
Inker:  Bob Hall, Keith Williams
Staff Only
Spider-Man: Parallel Lives
May 1989 : SMURF 000.150 : SMURF 000.500 : SMURF 014.700 : SMURF 015.550 : SMURF 028.800 : SMURF 032.500 : SMURF 042.600 : SMURF 292.600 : NM ($10.00) : SM Title
Editor:  Jim Salicrup
Writer:  Gerry Conway
Pencils:  Alex Saviuk
Inker:  Andy Mushynsky
Staff Only
 Reprinted In: The Amazing Spider-Man: Parallel Lives (Reprint)
 Reprinted In: Spider-Man/Mary Jane...You Just Hit the Jackpot
Review [4 Webs]
By Adam Winchell
Spider-Man: Spirits of The Earth
Mar 1991 : NM ($25.00) : SM Title
Editor:  Jim Salicrup
Writer:  Charles Vess
Pencils:  Charles Vess
Inker:  Charles Vess
Staff Only
Silver Surfer: The Enslavers
Year 1990 : NM ($15.00) : SM Guest
Summary: Spider-Man Appears (Hardback)
Editor:  Bobbie Chase
Writer:  Stan Lee
Pencils:  Keith Pollard
Inker:  Chris Ivy, Josef Rubinstein, Jose Marzan
Staff Only
Avengers: Death-Trap: The Vault
Sep 1991 : NM ($15.00) : SM Spin-Off App
Summary: Venom Appears
Editor:  Howard Mackie, Kelly Corvese
Writer:  Danny Fingeroth
Pencils:  Ron Lim
Inker:  Fred Fredericks, Jim Sanders
Colorist:  Joe Rosas
Staff Only
 Reprinted In: Venom: Deathtrap - The Vault
Spider-Man: Fear Itself
Feb 1992 : NM ($18.00) : SM Title
Editor:  Danny Fingeroth
Plot:  Gerry Conway
Script:  Gerry Conway, Stan Lee
Pencils:  Ross Andru
Inker:  Mike Esposito
Staff Only
Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business
Apr 2014 : NM ($25.00) : SM Title

Find ISBN 9780785184409
Editor:  Stephen Wacker
Writer:  James Robinson, Mark Waid
Pencils:  Werther Dell'Edera
Painter:  Gabriele Dell'Otto
Staff Only
Thanos: The Infinity Revelation
May 2014 : NM ($25.00) : SM Cameo
Summary: Spider-Man Flashback Cameos
Editor:  Tom Brevoort, Wil Moss
Writer/Artist:  Jim Starlin
Inker:  Andy Smith
Cover Art:  Jim Starlin
Cover Colorist:  Rachelle Rosenberg
Colorist:  Frank D'Armata, Rachelle Rosenberg
Staff Only

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