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In the latter half of the 1970's, Stan Lee was very keen to translate his extraordinary success in comic books into an equivalent success in the more mainstream world of books. He wrote an extensive introduction to Origins Of Marvel Comics which was published by the "Fireside Books" imprint of Simon and Schuster.

"Origins" received a fairly good reception, and Stan Was keen to further build his credibility as a serious writer, but this didn't really eventuate. Despite his booming success as the public face of Marvel, and his ongoing series of lecturing tours, no "real" book eventuated. Instead, we saw a slow trickle of assorted Marvel novelty books — all "presented by Stan Lee" (and often with an introduction by him also). These came out at a rate of approximately one per year, and were usually published around the end of the year, just before Christmas.

Reportedly, Stan was unhappy with the lack of commitment shown by the publishers in terms of releasing and promoting the few books that were produced. On the other hand, the publishers may well have been disappointed by the fact that Stan never actually wrote anything of substance for them to publish. Mind you, they may also have been slightly relieved, as history has not shown Stan to hold any great skills as a writer of extended prose.

Despite how these books may have disappointed Stan and/or S&S, each of the books that were produced all have their own charm.

Note: See also the five books in the Mighty Marvel Superheroes Fun Book series by Fireside books.

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