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The Exiles are a team of reality-hopping nomads forced to repair the broken chain of time in each new universe. They must complete a mission before moving on with their only guide being the Tallus, a bracelet talisman that provides them with direction. If they succeed, the team moves on to the next reality and mission. Their ultimate goal; to repair their own time line and return to it.

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Exiles Special #1
Mar 2008 : NM ($4.00) : SM Spin-Off App

Summary: Spider-Man 2099 appears
Editor:  Mark Paniccia
Writer:  Mike Raicht
Pencils:  Arnold Pander, Carlos Ferreira, Mario Gully, Paul Aazaceta, Wayne Nichols, Zach Howard
Inker:  Lee Loughridge, Sandu Florea, Scot Koblish, Terry Pallot, Vincente Cifuentes, Zach Howard
Cover Art:  Francis Tsai
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