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Excalibur #49
Apr 1992 : NM ($2.50) : SM Cameo

Summary: Spider-Man Cameo (Alt. Reality Spider-Girl)
Editor:  Terry Kavanagh
Writer:  Alan Davis
Pencils:  Alan Davis
Inker:  Mark Farmer
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Excalibur #53
Aug 1992 : NM ($2.00) : SM Guest
Summary: Spider-Man Appears
Editor:  Terry Kavanagh
Writer:  Scott Lobdell
Pencils:  James Fry
Inker:  Chris Ivy
Staff Only
Excalibur #125
Oct 1998 : NM ($3.00) : SM Cameo
Summary: Spider-Man Cameo
Editor:  Frank Pittarese
Writer:  Ben Raab
Pencils:  Dale Eaglesham
Inker:  Scott Hanna
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