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This review was first published on: 2004.


Remember the old Marvel Team-Ups? Of course you do. #1 starred Spider-Man and Human Torch versus the Sandman. Dated March 1971, it featured A Roy Thomas script with Ross Andru art.

Spider-Man Team-Up is an attempt to recapture the magic of that story. At $2.95 it's a bit steeper than the 20c of its predecessor, but then again it's a bit thicker, and the paper holds a brighter colour. The first issue features the X-Men, or at least Cyke, Jean, Angel, Beast, and Psylocke.

The box at the back says that the book will be created by a rotating roster of artists. Mark Waid and Tom Peyer wrote this first issue, which was illustrated by Ken Lashley. The name Waid rings a bell, but I don't know the other two. It sure looks like Lashley doesn't draw Peter Parker very often, that's for sure.

In Detail...

"Double Or Nothing"
Spider-Man Team-Up #1
Dec 1995 : SM Title
Summary: Spider-Man & X-Men, White Knights
Editor:  Tom Brevoort
Writer:  Mark Waid, Tom Peyer
Pencils:  Ken Lashley
Inker:  Al Milgrom, Vince Russell
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Articles: Jameson, J. Jonah

The Hellfire club are having an argument about who should be in charge - Shinobi Shaw, or Benedict Kine. They decide to duel it out by one of them trying to kill JJJ and the other trying to save him. Seems JJJ has publishing some expose's on the Hellfire Club. Sort of like what happens if you squeal on the freemasons I suppose.

Benedict sends his white knights to kill Jonah, and Shaw sends his black knights to oppose them. Spidey happens to be there, and Tessa psionically calls in the X-Men to boost the ratings. Everyone fights everyone else for about 30 pages, and then it's all over.

In General...

This looks and feels like an X-book, and I don't like really like X-books any more. There's very little in here for Spider fans. Sure, Spidey opens and closes the book, but the X-Men kind of steal the scene in the middle. It's very different from MTU #1 where Spidey and Torch really do feel like a team.

Overall Rating...

This feels like Fan-Boy material to me. Two Webs.