Comics : Ultimate Spider-Man: Marker by Number (Tri-Coastal, 2012)

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This review was first published on: Sep 2016.


This cardboard-boxed marker set is from Tri-Coastal, released in 2012 under license. It was imported into Canada by Bravada Industries, and hence features all text bi-lingual English/French.

In Detail...

Ultimate Spider-Man: Marker by Number (Tri-Coastal, 2012)
Year 2012 : SM Title
Summary: Five Markers, Four Loose-Leaf Images to Color
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Inside the box are the five chunky markers (Red, Yellow, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Black). There are also four loose-leaf illustrations on white paper.

In General...

The illustrations are annotated for "Color-By-Numbers". I'm really not sure why they bothered!

According to the numbers, Spider-Man's costume is entirely Red and Black, and the background is Blue. I noticed one are of Spidey's body which is annotated "1" and "5". Both Red AND Black in the same area? That's impressive!

I tried out the Dark Blue marker... but it had long-since dried up despite being in a plastic wrapper. I'm guessing they were pretty crappy markers.

Overall Rating...

To add insult to injury, the discount store in Australia where I purchased this abomination insisted on charging me $6 for these four pieces of paper and five dried-out markers in a battered cardboard wrapper.

One-and-a-Half Webs.