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This review was first published on: Apr 2016.


This book is one of the new products from Scholastic, featuring artwork associated with the Ultimate Spider-Man TV (2012) cartoon.

The product is 8.4" x 10.8", square-bound soft-card cover, with 48 clean white pages of colouring & activity content.

In Detail...

Spider-Man: Let's Learn To Colour (Scholastic)
Nov 2015 : SM Title
Find ISBN 9781760156916
Summary: Create - Play - Learn
Publisher:  Scholastic Australia, Inc.
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The page have instructions to the parent, telling them how to get the best results out of their children.

"Encourage your child to use slow hand movements to connect the dots."

"Give your child confidence by telling them they are doing a good job."

What a patronising, interfering bunch of busybodies these jerks at Scholastic have become while I wasn't looking!

In General...

Frankly, if my kids want to crayon with long strokes instead of short strokes, I don't need some do-gooder psychiatrist telling me I'm stunting their growth by allowing it.

On one page it's... "Encourage your child to use their imagination."

But then the Colour Nazis are out in force with strict instructions to: "Colour the ground Brown and the sky Blue."

All this from a pack of morons who can't even create a half-decent puzzle page.

Overall Rating...

Who at Scholastic decided to give these pedantic half-wits oxygen?

Shove it up your keister, Scholastic. And remember to use short, even strokes.

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