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This review was first published on: Aug 2013.


Another offering from Scholastic Australia based on the same pool of artwork they have been using for a couple of years now... a pool which includes the painted art from the Marvel: Origin Story Books series, combined with a supplementary collection of black and white line-art panels featuring Spider-Man, Electro, and a few other classic Spidey villains.

In Detail...

Amazing Spider-Man Sticker Book (Scholastic Australia)
Mar 2013 : SM Title
Find ISBN 9781742838328
Summary: 16pp + 2pp stickers
Publisher:  Scholastic Australia, Inc.
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Like the other Scholastic colouring-in book published in the same month, this book is magazine size (8.5" x 10.6") but rather slender.

To be precise, it has only 16 pages, plus a centrefold sticker sheet with two pages of stickers. See the image gallery for a picture of the stickers, and one of the inner pages.

In terms of content, there's a couple of pure colouring pages, but most of the material is in the form of puzzle pages, most of which have been constructed to incorporate the provided stickers. e.g. "Can you find the sticker to complete the villain?" (Hint: "I have eight arms. I am a scientist. I was in a chemical explosion.")

Similarly, there are pages where you must "find the sticker to complete the pattern." Also "find the sticker to fill in the gaps in the image", or "find the sticker to make the odd-one-out look like the rest".

In General...

Actually, I have to admit that the creators have done a pretty good job of creating specific content to refer to the provided stickers. Yes, the underlying artwork is shared across the other books, but it has been carefully modified for this "sticker book" format.

Also, while this book is admittedly rather slender, it also carries a super-skinny price tag. I paid a mere NZ$2.40 for my brand-new copy (approximately US $2). That's ridiculously cheap!

Overall Rating...

Small, but great value-for-money. Yes the artwork is recycled, but it has been creatively adapted into a new format.

Overall, a very pleasant surprise. Four webs.