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This story is part of a Lookback Series: The Magic of Color

This review was first published on: Nov 2011.


This one really does push the boundaries for what is a "book". But going strictly by the book, it is a hinged compendium which contains multiple collected pieces of paper, reproduced on which are illustrations featuring Spider-Man.

In Detail...

Amazing Spider-Man: Travel Activity Book (Flying Colors)
Year 2005 : SM Title
Publisher:  Flying Colors Toys, Inc.
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As you can see from the picture, the product is attached with a thick red plastic spiral loose binder.

The binder holds together the two separate pieces of cardboard which form the covers. The front cover is a dual-image, with a prismatic overlay. Tilt the view angle slightly and the image swaps between two different Spider-Man poses. The two different images are quite good quality, the transition is nice and sharp.

Inside there are no actual "pages" as such. Instead, clear plastic inserts hold the contents of this bundle.

On one side is contained six half-sized felt-tipped markers (each just over 3" in length), and a small plastic stencil strip.

On the other side is a tiny removable notepad, 3.5" x 3.5". It has 25 sheets with simple black and white Spider-Man images to color, and 25 blank sheets.

A magnetic clasp holds the two halves together.

In General...

What you see is what you get. This isn't a book as such, it's a coloring set which possesses just enough book-like attributes to qualify for collection and review on SpiderFan.

It's great to see six colors included. Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange and Black. It really annoys me when I see a coloring book including three colors. Especially if the pictures include the Hulk, for example, but give you red, blue and black pens. There's no such complaints this time, the color range is definitely sufficient for the intended purposes.

Overall Rating...

The pad itself is rather small. However, it's clear that the whole intent of the book is to be "small but perfectly formed". It's great to see a Spider-Man product that knows what it wants to achieve.

This product is well designed for car or plane trips. Everything packs away neatly, and takes up very little space. A tidy little treat for good children the world over.

Four webs.