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This review was first published on: Nov 2016.


Once again, we're pushing the boundaries of what constitutes a "Book" in terms of justifying a place in my "Spider-Man Book" collection.

In Detail...

Ultimate Spider-Man: Fun on the Go (Hunter Leisure)
Year 2016 : SM Title
Summary: Plastic Box of Color/Activity Pages and Markers
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This plastic box with carrying-handle contains:

  • 4 Markers (red, blue, yellow, black).
  • 20 loose-leaf coloring sheets, each sheet 3.7" x 6.7".
  • 3 sheets of stickers, each sheet 3" x 4".

This red-box version is from Hunter Leisure, but it's very similar to the Ultimate Spider-Man: Fun on the Go (Tara Toys) product that I stumbled across a couple of years back.

I'm not exactly sure of the year of release for this product. There's no year next to any of the copyright symbols, no ISBN, or other marks that would allow me to identify it. I found it in a K-Mart in 2016.

In General...

All the artwork is from the Ultimate Spider-Man TV (2012) show.

What more can I say? Look at the pictures and you'll see exactly what is contained.

Overall Rating...

I paid $6 in NZ money, which is around $4.50 Yankee Dollar.

Have good time, very cheap. Three Web. You buy, yes?