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This review was first published on: 2007.


This book is the same size (8.25" x 11") as most of the other books in this range. It's similar in color to the Spider-Man 3: The Reusable Sticker Book, but it's hard to mix them up, since this book here is a good inch or so smaller than the other.

This book is available only as part of the Spider-Man 3: Activity Pack (with Crayons), which is a UK/NZ/Aus-only item. It has no separate ISBN.

In Detail...

Spider-Man 3: Sticker & Activity Book
Mar 2007 : SM Title
Publisher:  HarperCollins Publishers
Staff Only
 Contained In: Spider-Man 3: Activity Pack (with Crayons)

There are six pages of puzzles and coloring pages, using the same art as all the other books in this range. There are four pages of Spidey stickers. The stickers are large, but there's very little variety - they're all just Spidey either in Red/Blue or in Black. No Sandman or Venom.

In General...

Yet another thin and meagre offering. The paper is high quality white stock and the artwork is just fine, but the low page count and boring sameness of the stickers is hard to get past.

Overall Rating...

I'll offer a thin and meagre two web rating.