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This review was first published on: 2007.


This mini freebie book is 4.75" x 6". It's available only in the UK, and only as part of the boxed activity pack. There's no separate ISBN for this item.

In Detail...

Spider-Man 3: Mini Puzzle Book
Mar 2007 : SM Title
Publisher:  HarperCollins Publishers
Staff Only
 Contained In: Spider-Man 3: Activity Pack (with Crayons)

Like its partner, the Spider-Man 3: Mini Colouring & Activity Book, this is simply a scaled-down pint-sized version of the puzzles and activities which appear in the other books of this series. It's printed on high-quality clean white paper stock.

In General...

There's a total of sixteen pages. The puzzles don't lose anything really in being scaled down, as long as you're happy to write a bit smaller.

Overall Rating...

Everything's smaller in the UK, including this book, and including my rating. Two and a half webs.