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This review was first published on: Jan 2015.


These unauthorised Chinese-published Spider-Man coloring books are so bad, there ought to be a law against them! Oh wait. There is. Copyright law. They're all 100% unauthorised, and I'm sure Marvel/Disney would love to see them shut out of business.

But then if that happened, where would we see such precious gems as these awful disasters?

In Detail...

Amazing Spider-Man Colouring & Sticker Book WLD-808S (China)
Year 2014 : SM Title
Country of Origin:  China
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This particular example is 8" x 10.9". It contains 16 tissue-thin pages of black and white line "art", plus an insert double sheet of color stickers.

The art is ghastly. It's a laughable mismatch of traced-over pictures, with the blank spaces filled in by Spider-Man logos and Spider symbols. There's ten different art styles in the mix, and every one is painfully bad. The range of errors and faults is extensive:

  • Childish art. Bad enough to give children a bad name.
  • Printing faults. Blotches and glitches in the printing process.
  • Bad cropping. Images and logos truncated off the edge of the page.
  • Reversed text. On several of the stickers, the text is flipped, or up-side-down.
  • Hideous backgrounds. Stars and silver webbing adorn most of the stickers.

But the most impressive example is the image featuring a bold "Spider-Man" logo – with a sketch of Superman. Really, that says it all!

In General...

Somewhere in China, a publishing company is very proud of how they have given an illiterate, retarded blind person a second chance in life as a coloring book designer. That's a very laudable social goal, but the commercial product has suffered somewhat as a result.

Overall Rating...

I can't see how a product could get any worse than this – unless perhaps the cover was sprayed with Hepatitis C before it left the factory.

Rock-Bottom half-a-web.