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This story is part of a Lookback Series: The Magic of Color

This review was first published on: Feb 2013.


This is one of a dozen or so reasonably-priced Spidey colouring & activity products available in the UK-only from Alligator Books Limited. Specifically, this is the 'Spider-Sense Spider-Man: Sticker Book" from 2009.

In Detail...

Spider-Sense Spider-Man: Sticker Book (Alligator)
Year 2009 : SM Title
Find ISBN 9781847505019
Publisher:  Alligator Books
Staff Only

Physically this book is 8.25" x 11.7", which is an inconvenient UK size that doesn't fit into a standard magazine archival bag. It features a skimpy 16 pages of content, plus a center-fold featuring the two sheets of stickers.

The "activities" include half-a-dozen colouring pages, a join-the-dots, a spot-the-difference, a couple of mazes, and the usual other typical stuff. The artwork is clean, and appears to have been created specially for this series.

In General...

This is a UK book, and UK books are famous for being stingy and cramped. And indeed, the page count is pretty pathetic. But surprisingly the stickers are actually rather decent. See the images for a scan of the centre-fold with the stickers.

This is in striking comparison to the immediately preceding sticker book I reviewed... Amazing Spider-Man: Activity Book - Arachnid Attack! (Bendon), which despite being a U.S. book, offered some of the lamest stickers I've seen in a very long time!

Overall Rating...

Well, what to do with the rating?

The stickers are pretty good, although that's pretty much a must-have for a "Sticker Book". And although the asking price of £2.99 isn't exceptionally high, I still can't help but feel that 16 pages is pretty skimpy.

In a moment of weakness, I think I'm going to give this book the benefit of the doubt and go for a three-web rating. Really, it's probably more like 2.75 webs. But let's round up.