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This review was first published on: 2008.


This is a Spider-Man Colouring & Activity Pad featuring "Over 60 pages of fun colouring and activities inside." In fact, there are 64 pages - but everybody knows that Marketing People have trouble with exact numbers.

Yet another in the series of Alligator UK-only colouring books. This is a 2005 book that was still floating around a few years later in UK remainder stores.

In Detail...

Spider-Man Colouring & Activity Pad (Alligator)
Year 2005 : SM Title
Publisher:  Alligator Books
Staff Only

This is the same art, activities and colouring that you'll find in all the other books in this series. It's mostly clip-art from Bagley issues of Ultimate Spider-Man, from which the black lines have been extracted by computer program while the color fill is faded to white. This leaves the outlines looking rather jaggy and uncertain, but I guess the UK under-tens market isn't that discerning.

Actually, they might be a little discerning after all, since like all the other books in this serious I found my copy in a discount remainder store for the meagre sum of GBP 1.99 reduced from GBP 2.99. For that you get 64 clean white pages of decent paper, a nice glossy cover, all in a top-bound pad format will pullout pages.

Still, crappy art is crappy art no matter how you package it.

In General...

This is a perfect example of how to take great art (and Bagley's work in USM is very good indeed) and grind it down to a mediocre tie-in. I presume Alligator has paid their licensing fees - but I'm surprised that nobody in Marvel seems to care about the quality of the tie-in work. This stuff doesn't give Marvel a good name.

Overall Rating...

Two sad little webs.