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This story is part of a Lookback Series: The Magic of Color

This review was first published on: Jan 2013.


This is a "carry-along" colouring set. It includes a small activity pad of approximately 64 sheets (each one-sided, with black line-art). There are also five crayons in a storage slot behind the pad. A cardboard carry-handle makes it easy to... well, carry.

In Detail...

Amazing Spider-Man: Carry-Along Colouring Set (Alligator)
Year 2010 : SM Title
Find ISBN 9781842397374
Publisher:  Alligator Books
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This is published by Alligator (a UK company), but the content is the same old crappy reconstituted artwork that appeared in so many Spider-Man Color/Activity Books (Paradise) books.

Actually, shrunk-down, the artwork doesn't look quite as bad as it did full-sized in those original Paradise books. But even so, if they really had to recycle some old artwork, couldn't they have swiped something of a higher quality?

In General...

What's more, when you compare this UK carry-along book to the various carry along books offered by Giddy- Up in the U.S.A. (i.e. Spider-Man: Color 'N' Carry - Heroes & Adventures (Giddy-Up) and the two later re-releases), then this British version is rather pathetic.

Firstly, it's smaller.

Secondly, the artwork is inferior.

Thirdly, instead of six felt-pens, you get five crayons.

Overall Rating...

Recycled, reconstituted content. Small and low-quality. Mind you, on the positive side this is a very convenient format, and the price is super-low.

Two-and-a-half webs.

Not very inspiring. Good for short-term amusement on a trip, but nothing more.