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This story is part of an Arc: "One Night Only"
     Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

This review was first published on: 2004.


Ron Zimmerman, writer for the Howard Stern Show, seems to have friends in high places. High enough to get him the chance to script 3-part backup story running through many Marvel titles, featuring Jay Leno. So far, it's not really that impressive.

In Detail...

"Jay Leno & Spider-Man"
Spider-Man: Blue #1 (Story 2)
Arc: Part 2 of "One Night Only"
Staff Only
 Reprinted In: Spider-Man Annual (UK) 2004

Also in Black Panther #44, Cable #105, Iron Man #55 and Morlocks #2.

This starts right where the previous left: Spider-Sense saved the day, and Spidey leaped out of the way (yay!), carrying Leno with him (damn!). Spidey says it was a murder attempt, but Leno and the director just shrug him off as a paranoid. Then Leno starts off with a thread of non-stop hero jokes. Neither of them is good, though. When they realise, there's nobody in the room - and suddenly, there's lots of people in the room again. All of them are guys carrying guns, so Spidey escapes the warehouse with Leno, and spends his whole web-fluid at the same time. Outside, they escape in Leno's motorcycle. Ok, Spidey flees from armed men. Yeah, that's right.

In General...

The story went down a bit. Spidey fearing riding a motorbike, is not funny, no matter how much the writer may think it is.

Overall Rating...

Nary a laugh in sight. One and a half webs, and heading south.