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This review was first published on: 2005.


This is a 16-page B&W freebie sketchbook given away by comic shops to promote the "House of M" limited series that was still a couple of months away from release at the time. It also provided a handy checklist of all FIFTY different "House of M" tie-in issues that you should buy if you want the complete story. Of course, the variant covers are over and above that.

In Detail...

House Of M Sketchbook
Jun 2005 : SM Reference
Summary: Spider-Man References
Editor:  Jeff Youngquist, Tom Brevoort
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There's no real clues in here, just a collection of sketches and penciled full-page art from the upcoming story. Spider-Man has a page all to himself, consisting of art from Spider-Man: House of M #1. It's all pencil line work, not even reduced very well.

In General...

It's free, so how can you complain? At that price, it's got to be value for money, surely.

Overall Rating...

Cheap in every sense.