Comics : Marvel Heroes (UK Magazine) #10

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This story is part of a Lookback Series: British History

This review was first published on: Aug 2011.


The second story is the Cage/Sabretooth tale. They got the front cover billing. But do they deserve it?

In Detail...

"Ghetto Defendant"
Marvel Heroes (UK Magazine) #10 (Story 2)
Review (No SM)
Summary: Cage & Sabretooth
Writer:  Ferg Handley
Pencils:  John Royle
Inker:  David Roach
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Somebody has been smashing up community buildings around Harlem. Cage goes investigating and discovers it's a pack of mutant kids, lead by Sabretooth. Seems the kids are just being tested to see if they're good enough to join Magneto's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Strange, I didn't realize Magneto was into promoting random destruction.

Well, Cage defeats Sabretooth (who can't lay a claw on his tough skin). Then he talks to the kids and discovers they were just acting out of a sense of confusion and loneliness. The X-Men arrive and the young mutants decide to join the forces of goodness. Yay for the heroes!

In General...

Well, what a patronizing little effort that was.

Overall Rating...

Mom-and-apple-pie drivel that would need to be twice as clever just to even insult my intelligence.

One crappy web.