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This review was first published on: Aug 2014.


And now... yet another activity book from Scholastic Australia, based on the same tired old pool of artwork they have been thrashing to death for three years.

Spider-Man co-stars with Wolverine and Thor, plus supporting appearances from the X-Men.

In Detail...

Marvel Super Hero Squad: Sticker Book (Scholastic Australia)
Year 2013 : SM Guest
Find ISBN 9781742838359
Summary: 16pp + 2pp stickers (Spider-Man Appears)
Publisher:  Scholastic Australia, Inc.
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This is the "Marvel Super Heroes Sticker Book" counterpart to the Amazing Spider-Man Sticker Book (Scholastic Australia).

The common format for both books is as follows: Staple-bound cover, 16 pages of black and white colouring pages, plus a centrefold insert featuring two sheets of full-colour stickers.

Some of the pages are line-art colouring pages for you to fill in with your crayons. Others are grey-scale images, with empty white rectangular areas where you need to place specific stickers to complete the scene.

In General...

The book is relatively thin in page count, but the NZ$3 price tag is probably fair, especially since the two pages of stickers are decent quality.

The material is entirely recycled from other previous colouring and activity books. It has been adapted slightly, but there no new content here at all.

The mix of material is haphazard, there is no consistent story line. Spider-Man images are intermingled with Thor and Wolverine/X-Men.

Overall Rating...

The book is decent quality at a fair price. But the lack of any consistent theme or original material means I have to award a below-par rating of two-and-a-half webs.