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This review was first published on: Apr 2014.


A UK-only colouring book made up with recycled artwork from the Parragon/Scholastic Australia black/white line art collection.

In Detail...

Marvel Super Heroes: Mega Colouring Book
Apr 2013 : SM Guest
Find ISBN 9781472305350
Summary: Spider-Man Appears
Publisher:  Parragon Book Service, Ltd.
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This book is 8.4" x 10.6", 112 pages with a square-bound cover.

While this book is actually published by Parragon, the material is drawn from the same source as the Marvel Color/Activity (Scholastic Australia) and Spider-Man Color/Activity (Scholastic Australia) books.

The content is black and white line art only, no colour, no stickers, no special gimmicks. There are no puzzles either, this is purely a colouring book. Short captions have been added to the illustrations — although they add very little value, simply naming the villain and identifying them as "evil" or otherwise ready to cause harm and damage to the "heroes".

Spider-Man appears regularly, along with the X-Men, and the Avengers including Iron Man, Thor and Hulk. A number of Spidey villains make solo guest appearances too.

In General...

We've seen all of this material half a dozen times already down in Australia/New Zealand, but it hasn't been hammered to death quite so badly in the UK.

Overall Rating...

At least the 112 pages is good value for the £3.99 asking price. So despite the dumbed-down captions, this book is still a useful product that fills a definite gap in the market.

Three and a half webs.