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This review was first published on: Dec 2012.


This mazes and join-the-dots book is one of a pair of activity books produced for the Canadian market, the other being Spider-Sense Spider-Man: Learning My Alphabet.

Both are glossy staple-bound soft-cover, 8.2" x 10.9". Both feature 16 grey-scale printed pages, plus one sheet of stickers

In Detail...

Spider-Sense Spider-Man: Mazes and Connect the Dots
Year 2011 : SM Title
Summary: Coloring & Activity with Stickers
Publisher:  Imagine Publications, Inc., Rofact International, Inc.
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Just as promised, the book features a balanced mix of mazes and join-the-dots. Some are full-page, sometimes there's two on a page. There's one or two places on each page set aside for you to place the stickers that are included in the front.

In General...

The stickers are brightly coloured and attractively consistent in style. The join-the-dots art work is nice and clean, and the mazes are... well, they're mazes.

Overall Rating...

With only 16 pages, this is a disappointingly slender volume. Still the quality is pretty good, all the material appears to be original content, and stickers are always welcome.

I'm happy to give this one a solid three-and-a-half webs. Good stuff.