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This review was first published on: Nov 2016.


The last couple of years have seen a huge surge of "Coloring Books for Adults", featuring elegantly packaged books of intricate designs, marketed as "stress-busting tools" for overworked mothers and businessmen alike.

Despite keeping my eyes open at my local bookstores, I'm yet to stumble across a "Spider-Man Coloring for Grown-Ups" book. However, this is the next best thing. They're "dot-to-dot puzzle books" and they're definitely not targeting the junior market.

It doesn't use the word "Adult". But it does clearly mention the ONE THOUSAND DOTS PER PICTURE, and let me assure you that even a "smarter-than-the-average" six-year-old is going to snort milk out of his nose at the first sight of what 1,000 dots really looks like. This is serious stuff.

In Detail...

Spider-Man 1000 Dot-To-Dot Book
Oct 2016 : SM Title
Find ISBN 9781781573495
Publisher:  Ilex Press
Illustrator:  Thomas Pavitte
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Marvel 1000 Dot-To-Dot Book
Oct 2016 : SM Guest
Find ISBN 9781781573501
Summary: Spider-Man Appears
Publisher:  Ilex Press
Illustrator:  Thomas Pavitte
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The books are huge. They're 10" x 14", in an attractive retro soft-cover. The "Spider-Man" and "Marvel" books are identical in format, and vary only in the characters that appear. This review covers both books.

Each of the two volumes contains 20 giant-sized dot-to-dot images, printed single-sided. The numbers change colour every 100 dots, meaning you don't have to look over the whole page trying to find the next tiny number. But even with that assistance, I recommend good lighting before tackling one of these things. And for old folks like me, we'll definitely need our reading glasses... and maybe a magnifying glass as well!

One puzzle (in the middle of each book) is a double-size, two-page dot-to-dot centrefold image featuring 1,700 dots. Trust me, that's lotsa dots. The Spider-Man centrefold is "Doctor Octopus vs. Spider-Man". The Marvel centrefold is "Iron Man vs. Captain America".

In General...

These are beautiful, visually striking products. The covers are slightly yellowed, giving them a classic 1960's feel which immediately appealed to my eye on the store shelf. Inside, the paper stock is a crisp, clean white, with an attractive sense of weight and substance.

Just to hold and look through them is a pleasure.

Overall Rating...

Five Webs.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go see a doctor. I'm seeing dots in front of my eyes.


Illustrator Thomas Pavitte specialises in creating these dot-to-dot puzzles. He's originally from New Zealand, but now lives in Melbourne, Australia.