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This review was first published on: Nov 2016.


You're probably all pretty familiar with the DK Publishing, Inc. sticker book formats. They're standard 8" x 11" magazine size, square-bound, and feature either 1000 stickers (large format) or 250 stickers (small format).

This one is "large" which means it has 32 pages of illustrations, and 32 sheets of stickers.

In Detail...

Marvel: Good versus Evil (DK)
Apr 2016 : SM Guest
Find ISBN 9780241249666
Summary: Spider-Man Appears
Publisher:  DK Publishing, Inc.
Writer/Editor:  Matt Jones
Designer:  Clive Savage
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It's the same old, same old inside. The illustration pages feature brief profiles of heroes, villains, teams, or locations from the Marvel Universe. The images for each page are on stickers that you need to go find, and stick into place in order to complete the page.

Then there are panoramic scenes where you can use all the spare stickers to make your own action.

In General...

These large DK sticker books are always incredibly generous. With 32 sheets of stickers, the whole book has a hefty feel to it that makes it a delight to hold.

As always, the "1000 stickers" count is a bit deceptive, since there's a few sheets of tiny stickers at the back just to make up the numbers. But Amazon sells this book for ten bucks, and I think that's perfectly reasonable.

There are a couple of cosmetic differences between this book and DK's other "large" Marvel and Spider-Man sticker books released to date. The first is minor, and it's the reflective metallic strip running across the top of the front cover. It's a little touch of bling that makes the book stand out on the shelf amongst its competitors.

The second is a wrap-around flap that comes from the back cover and attaches half-way over the front cover by a velcro patch. I really have no idea what it's there for. It's not like the stickers are going to fall out of the book if you don't keep it safely closed!

In fact, it's a real pain. It's difficult to open without damaging the book. Also, the flap is a funny shape, and is easily torn or caught against other books on the shelf. When I was buying my copy, it was really hard to find one at the bookstore that wasn't damaged. The whole flap concept just seems like a pointless manufacturing expense.

Overall Rating...

Sure you can buy cheaper sticker books out there. But there's no substitute for the quality and quantity that you'll find in one of these DK mega-packs.

These books are generous, and so I shall be generous too (despite that silly flap). Four Webs.