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This review was first published on: 2004.


The best thing about Green Goblin is - no crossovers, tie-ins, or oneshots at $6.95 each! I feel like a free man when I read this book because I know I only need to buy one comic, rather than being dragged into buying a dozen I didn't really need.

In Detail...

Green Goblin #4
Jan 1996 : SM Spin-Off
Summary: Hobgoblin and Thing Appear
Editor:  Tom Brevoort
Writer:  Tom DeFalco
Pencils:  Scott McDaniel
Inker:  Derek Fisher
Staff Only
Articles: Green Goblin IV (Phil Urich), Hobgoblin IV (Macendale), Robertson, Joe "Robbie"

It had to happen. Green Goblin takes on Hob-Goblin when he interferes with Hob-Goblin's latest crime. Urich is no match for Macendale, who has had his goblin suit for a lot longer than he. It's only thanks to The Thing's timely arrival that Philip lives to tell the tale at all. Gutsy tale with a fresh look.

In General...

My only query is that the storyline seemed a little unclear. I wasn't sure exactly why Hobgoblin turned up with his henchmen - was it simple robbery, or was he there because his ex-wife's husband was on the train. Perhaps it was mixing business with pleasure. Always a mistake!

Overall Rating...

A little confusion over the plot is gonna cost Philip a web this time. Four webs for a story which is still pretty damn good all the same.