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This review was first published on: 7 Aug 2017.


This book from DK Publishing is 9.3" x 11.25". It's pleasingly bulky, over half an inch thick (despite the low page count of 48 pages).

In Detail...

Amazing Book of Marvel Spider-Man (DK)
Jun 2017 : SM Title
Find ISBN 9781465455611
Summary: 9.4" x 11.2", 48pp
Publisher:  DK Publishing, Inc.
Writer:  Emma Grange
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The inside front cover has a pouch which contains a fold-out 9 panel poster (approx 22" x 28" expanded).

The rest of the book contains a series of profile pages on Spider-Man's Powers, his Friends & Allies, and his Enemies. The text uses a rather large font size, emphasising the key point that this book is designed for pre-teens. In generally, the sentence structure and choice of words supports that aim, although there are a few words (e.g. "symbolizes", "experimental scientist") which might prove slightly challenging to your average eight-year-old.

In General...

Many of the pages have gate-fold extensions that open up above the book, or sideways left or right out of the book. Combined with the bright colors of the illustrations, borders, and headings this makes for a constantly engaging experience.

Most (perhaps all) of the artwork is taken from the comics, and is predominantly high quality. The difference in the color and style of Spider-Man's suit and body shape is noticeable of course, and is occasionally jarring. Some of the illustrations are taken from small panels, and have gained some jaggy graininess in the process of being zoomed up to their larger size.

Writer Emma Grange has no apparent previous experience in writing about Spider-Man – the closest she has come is working as an Editor on a couple of DK Marvel Sticker Books. But she has either done some basic research, or taken some advice. By sticking to safe, obvious, generic points she avoids any major blunders.

Overall Rating...

Like all DK books, this product is attractive and reasonably priced.

I can see this being a perfectly decent "Introduction to Spider-Man" for an eight or nine-year-old kid who already knows a little about the hero from the movies and would benefit from an hour's reading.