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Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game (SAGA)
  MSH Adventure Game (SAGA) Rules (Boxed Set)
  MSH Adventure Game (SAGA) A Guide to Marvel Earth
Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Gamebooks (TSR)  #1  #7      
Marvel Super Heroes Game (TSR Role-Playing Game)
  Marvel Superheroes Basic Set (original edition) (MH-0)
  Adventure Foldup Figures (MHAC-3)
  Secret Wars I (MHSP-1)
  New York, New York (MHAC-6)
  Concrete Jungle: Official Character Roster (MHAC-7)
  Fault Line (Spider-Man & Avengers) (MH-8)
  Gates of What If ? (Spider-Man, FF, Avengers) (MH-9)
  Weapons Locker (MHAC-8)
  Marvel Superheroes Advanced Set (MA-0)
  The Ultimate Powers Book (MA-3)
  Deluxe City Campaign Set
  The Revenge of Kang (MT-3)
  After Midnight (MLA-1)
  Night Moves (MLA-2)
  Night Life (MLA-3)
  Marvel Superheroes Basic Set (revised edition)
  Webs: Spider-Man Dossier (MHR-2)
Marvel Universe Roleplaying Game
  Marvel Universe Roleplaying Game

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