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5' 6"


150 lbs


Stretch legs up to 250 feet, legs unaffected by webbing. Walk at approximately 30 miles per hour.


Battle suit with extendable legs


Despite his scientific intelligence and battle suit, his fighting abilities are extremely limited and he is regarded as a low threat villain. Suit requires recharge of 16 hours after 24 hours of use.


Stiltman uses an armored battlesuit that allows him to extend his hydraulic stilt-legs up to 290 feet and also gives him enhanced strength (approximately 10-fold)...He occaisionally uses his legs to ram people and objects...Also, there is a special coating on his legs that prevents Spider-man's webbing from sticking to them. He still maintains a strong intelligence level from his scientist days.

Strength Level

Approximately 10 times normal human when in suit (press 1500 lbs).


Suit can be used as battering ram. It also contains gas grenades.



Created By
Current Occupation


Dual Identity

Known to the public.



Former Groups

Emissaries of Evil

Former Occupation


Legal Status

Released Prisoner.

Major Enemies

Daredevil, Spider-Man

Marital Status


Place of Birth


Real Name

Wilbur Day


Wilbur Day worked at Kaxton Industries as a scientist. After he became disgruntled with his job, he decided to steal the company's hydraulic ramming device. He used this ramming device to create a suit of armor that allowed him to start a life of crime. The ramming device was attached to stilts, and this let Stiltman propel through walls and stun opponents while staying protected by his armor.

Stilt man's crime career began as revenge against his former employer. In addition to the Stiltman persona, he even tried sueing the company with Matt Murdock as his lawyer. Eventually, it was uncovered that he and the person who robbed his company were the same. After this, Stilt man became a criminal for hire. After early bouts with Daredevil, Captain America and Thor, the Stiltman becomes a bit of a joke of a villain. In recent appearances, he is used mainly for comic relief, since the idea of extending legs is certainly not threatening to anyone.

In the Spider-man/ Daredevil series in 2001, there was a revamp to try and make stilt man a bit darker and more intimidating. However, in his last appearance in a Spidey comic, Spider-man easily takes care of Stiltman on his way to stop a more intimidating team up of Shocker and Hydro Man. As long as someone needs a cheap for hire criminal with little to no fighting skills, there will be room for the stilt man!

Stiltman has since been killed by the Punisher.

Appears In...

Jun 1965 App: Daredevil (Vol.1) #8
Mar 1967 App: Daredevil (Vol.1) #26
Apr 1967 App: Daredevil (Vol.1) #27
Year 1967 App: Daredevil (Vol.1) Annual #1
Jan 1969 App: Daredevil (Vol.1) #48

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