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Once or twice, Spidey has found himself short of a costume, and has resorted to settling for something less than the real deal. Of course, sometimes he screws up his own costume without any help.

Open Eyes

In ASM #113, Doc Ock defeated Spidey - but Peter escaped, with the loss of only his mask. He borrowed a replacement mask from a costume shop. Randy Robertson found the original discarded in an alley, and took it to the Daily Bugle.

Never Fade Away

In Amazing Spider-Man #213, Peter cleverly decides to wash his costume in home-made detergent. Hey, he is a science whiz after all.

Unfortunately, after too long a stint soaking in the bathtub, the costume is left much the worse for wear. The lines have faded, and the color is pink and pale blue. Not really very macho, but he doesn't have much option at the time!

Die Spinne

In Spider-Man vs. Wolverine #1, Logan drags Peter off to Germany for reasons too complicated to explain now. Not surprisingly, action follows, and Spider-Man is left without a costume.

Peter heads down to the local costume shop. It turns out the guy does have one, but he made it for his son. Peter spends an hour, and finally talks him out of it. In case there's any confusion about who he is, the costume has "Die Spinne" printed on the back!

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