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A couple of times, Spidey's costume has been badly shredded, and he's had to use the materials on hand to bring it back into service, for example...


In Spider-Man #21, Spidey gets badly trashed. He gets knocked unconscious, and when he comes around, he gets a bit of a shock. He's been cyborgised!

Actually, it's not as permanent as it looks. Heck, it never is, remember when the Punisher turned Black? Me, being foolish, thought it might last!

Anyhow, it turns out in this case that Deathlok applied his personal fixes to Spidey's wounds, resulting in a sling and an eye-patch which looked much more serious than they actually were.

Black Cat Mask

In Spectacular Spider-Man #206 - Spidey has lost his mask. So he grabs Black Cat's face-pieces so he can get home with his secret identity intact - if not his dignity!

Just how the heck he thinks a couple of bits of skimpy black cloth on his face are going to hide his identity, I have NO idea!


In Spectacular Spider-Man #214, Spidey has been shredded by Typhoid Mary, who - as we all know - is not a very kind girl.

Anyhow, in order to hold his costume together, he ties himself up like some sort of Ninja wannabe. It's hard to imagine that these actually served any sort of useful purpose, but that's what he did. I guess it looked a little cool, in the right sort of light.

Lawrence of Arabia

In Spider-Man #89, Spider-Hunt is in full swing. Spidey is public enemy number one, with a price on his head. When ends up with Punisher and Shotgun fighting for the right to be the one to waste him, he doesn't have time for things like sewing his mask back together.

A few strips of webbing do the trick in this case, courtesy of Penciller John Romita, Jr.

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