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Here's a few occasions when Peter has been forced to go into action without his Spider-Man costume. To qualify for this section, it has to be something more interesting that street clothes, or a black bodysuit - but not really be what any self-respecting super-type would call a costume as such.

So, let's see what outfits we pull out of the... er... bag?

The Amazing Bag-Man

In Amazing Spider-Man #258, Spider-Man heads around to the Fantastic Four building, so that Reed Richards can have a look at his new black costume, which has been acting a bit strangely.

When it turns out to be an alien symbiote, they remove it post-haste, leaving Peter with nothing to protect his secret identity. Johnny Storm kindly finds a Fantastic Four, but of course, the FF don't have much use for masks, and so they have to improvise!

Bombastic Bag Man

You might think that most super-heroes would be satisfied by going into action with a bag over their head once in their career. Well, not Spidey. In Spectacular Spider-Man #256, The White Rabbit has captured The Grizzley, Gibbon, and The Boy Monkey - and she wants a billion dollars in gold, or their lives are forfeit.

Spidey is having problems moving around town, since there's a million dollar price on his head, and so he improvises. Thanks goodness Mary-Jane is working on the costumes which will shortly form the basis for Identity Crisis - I don't think the bag outfit had much mileage in it.

Peter Parker - Paint Splat Boy

In Peter Parker: Spider-Man (Vol. 2), Peter throws this makeshift outfit over himself as he goes into battle to fight the Green Goblin clone.

Not surprisingly, it's a one-shot.

Masked Marvel vs. Crusher Hogan

Of course, this section wouldn't be complete without a picture of the now-classic scene in which Peter Parker dons a simple net mask in order to protect his identity, as he takes on Crusher Hogan in return for a hundred dollars.

The Ultimate Spider-Man retelling of this story shows Spider-Man with a more sophisticated costume, which perhaps is also worthy of inclusion in this section.

Peter Parker - Leather Jacket Lad

Jeremy Simpson and Grrry both pointed out that in Spider-Man #58, Peter dresses in a hurry before heading out into the rain in search of MJ.

A very cool look, and probably quite sensible, given the weather.

The Green Hood

Here in Amazing Spider-Man #433, Peter's at a party - but needs to go do the super-hero thing to counter the menace of Mr Hyde.

He 'borrows' Phil Urich's green hooded sweatshirt, and heads into battle incognito. This is during Spider-Hunt, and this forms the trigger for Peter and MJ to create the costumes for Identity Crisis.

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