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Here's the changes that Peter have made to the Spider-Costume for the purpose of adding a little more defense for a specific mission.


In Spectacular #66, Spidey is having a little problem with Electro, and looks for an edge. He cuts apart an old rubber air mattress, and manufactures a shock-proof version of his suit. It lacks most of the markings, and certainly looks rather bulky, but it does the trick in the coming fight.

In earlier fights, Spidey has defeated Electro by using gloves made of webbing, which have insulated him. However, it is curious to note that on other occasions, he has used his webbing to conduct electricity.

Those seeking a no-prize might suggest that Peter is constantly looking to improve his webbing formula, and that some batches conduct, and others don't. Or, that when mixing a batch, Peter sometimes adds chemicals to make a conductive version, and sometimes not, depending on the requirements of the day.


This is the Spider-Armour, which Spidey actually refers on an inside panel as "Spider of Steel", or "Steel Spider". Spidey wore this for Web #100, the conclusion of My Enemy's Enemy, which featured Blood Rose.

The suit was built from pseudo-metalic plates made out of a modified webbing formula, layered on an insulated suit. Spidey also employed an enhanced webbing formula at the same time. All this was required for the battle royale conclusion, starring Blood Rose (Richard Fisk), Gauntlet (Alfredo) - plus the New Enforcers (Eel, Plant-Man, Tangle, Dragon-Man, Super-Adaptoid, The Dreadnaught, and The Vanisher).

The armour was destroyed during the fight, and not rebuilt.

Electro-Proof Returns

In Amazing #425, Electro has been massively boosted in power, and Spidey has a real problem on his hands once again.

This time, as well as an improved version of the insulated costume, Spidey did a bit of a slingshot thing, flying through the air to KO Electro.

Oh, X-Man helped out too.

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