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This section is for costumes that are Spider-Man spin-offs. These categories aren't really exact, but duplicates, clones, and other Spider-Types that aren't really full-blown Spider-Types belong here.

Scarlet Spider

The ultimate Spider-Man imitator has to be Scarlet Spider, who very nearly persuaded the heads of staff at Marvel that he was in fact the true heir to the Spider-Throne.

The Scarlet Spider costume was first assumed by Ben Reilly in the four part story, The Exile Returns. As we all know, Ben then went on to claim the role of the real Spider-Man, until his hopes and aspirations... melted away.

Blood Spider

Blood Spider was created by Taskmaster in Amazing #367. This was in the middle of the Bagley run, although this single issue was actually pencilled by Jerry Bingham. The story was part of the confusing and unsatisfying Red Skull/Peter's Parents storyline.

The Blood Spider was mechanically assisted, with plenty of power, but nowhere near enough speed to challenge the real Spider-Man for more than a couple of seconds.


This is getting pretty durn far removed... but here's a character called Flip-Side. He's some sort of robot/bio organism which was in suspension waiting for some hero, or perhaps Spider-Man specifically, to come along and be mimicked, or reproduced.

Anyhow, in Spider-Man 2099 Issue #30, Spidey 2099 gets close enough to trigger the thing. It comes alive, imitates Miguel, sort of, and goes on a psychotic rampage. Don't ask any more!

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