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Here's some costumes that aren't really Spider-Man... or rather, they are Spider-Men of the future, or of other universes or alternate realities.

Spider-Man 2099

First Up, Spider-Man 2099. Miguel O'Hara, employee of Alchemax, who... oh, heck, if you want the history, read the reviews.

The costume is made from Unstable Molecules, a technology which is not uncommon in his time. Living in the huge tower cities of New York, he fights against Alchemax and other huge corporate powers, and their private army, The Public Eye Corps. The cape is light-fibre, from a hang-glider, and helps him glide from tower to tower.

Spider-Man 2211

Next, Spider-Man 2211... another version of Spider-Man, from even further in the future. Only seen once, in Spider-Man Meets Spider-Man 2099.

Not much was disclosed about Spider-Man 2211, although it's fairly clear that he posesses some extra mechanical arms.


This is Peter Porker: Spider-Ham. The costume is fairly standard, although the cut is quite distinctive. Also, note that there is a black triangle on the chest, with the spider drawn in red, rather than the front having a black spider on red with black webbing. Note also the under-arm webbing.

What's that? You haven't read Spider-Ham? Hey, get a couple, they're really quite funny... if you're in the right mood.

Spider-Man Unlimited TV

Here's Spider-Man Unlimited from the comic tie-in to the TV Animated series. The nano-tech costume is a fairly major re-work. It borrows the ragged cape cape from Spidey 2099, and the large Spidey from the Bagley/Jurgens costume, but the colour layout, the bug eyes, and the shin padding is all new.

The web-shooters are concealed. Much of the colour is reversed, especially on the lower half of the body.

Negative Zone

In Peter Parker: Spider-Man #90, Peter enters the Negative Zone - which affects his costume in the indicated fashion. Yeah, this really is Peter Parker, from the main universe, but he's in an alternate universe at this time, so I'm including it in this section rather than anywhere else.

By the way, it was a terrible story, if you don't believe me, read the Review.


This is Spiders Man from the Spidey, Universe X special. He has the power to project webs showing alternate versions of the future, into which you may enter. In the story, he uses this power to convince people to join the Church of Immortus.

He convinced an older Peter Parker to stay in an alternate reality where he and Gwen were married.

Death's Head Spidey

Another alternate Spidey. This is Spidey from 2020 in an alternate universe, as featured in the Death's Head series.

Again, it really probably doesn't pay to get too far into the detail of the origins and powers of this guy, it's just another throw-away alternate universe story.

Alternate Future Spidey (ASM #499)

Another alternate Spidey. This is Spidey from ASM #499, where Dr. Strange sends Peter travelling through time, in an effort to reverse the damage which has allowed Dormammu to return to Earth. Or something like that.

Anyhow, Peter sees an alternate future self who is eventually killed by the police in a grand final showdown. Subsequently back in our time, somebody proposes this very same costume design for our Spidey.

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