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Likes to fly around in complicated armor with robots




6' 2"


195 lbs


Good at building robots


Costume, and (once again!) those robots with girl names


Well, his dedication to those robots seems to get him into trouble sometimes. Also, his costume can be shorted out if you tear out the chest plate


He can fly, shoot laser beams, control his robots, communicate with Mysterio, and probably lots of other stuff

Strength Level

Similar to Spider-Man


Yes, please - lots!



Created By
Current Occupation

Mercenary for hire

Dual Identity

Known to criminal authorities


Highly educated, presumably doctorate

Former Occupation


Known Allies

His Robots, Mysterio

Known Confidants

His Robots

Known Relatives

His Robots

Legal Status

Criminal Record

Major Enemies


Marital Status

In love with his robots

Place of Birth


Real Name


Usual Bases

New York


Armada is a mercenary for hire, and he's very good at what he does. His armor changes every time he show up, apparently because of minor upgrades and modifications. He was hired by Mysterio quite a bit to deal with Spider-Ben. Mysterio first sent Armada to steal a Digital Imagery Transmission chip, a device that could make a person's thoughts into a digitally reproduced image. The DIT chip inventors planned to sell it to the entertainment industry, but it was taken by Mysterio for use in controlling television air waves. Beck used the device as a way to control the minds of everyone that was watching television.

Each altercation between Armada and Spider-Man has ended in failure (except the first, when he got away), and Spider-Man is clearly the better fighter.Armada's most interesting quirk seems to be his love towards the small robots that normally surround him. They all have girl's names, and he gets extremely ticked whenever anybody destroys one. (Nooooooo! You killed Maureen!) He's a nut job, but he's a mysterious nut job.

Recently, Armada has apparently ended his pact with Mysterio after the magician tricked him. It is unclear whether he will still work with Mysterio, or if he is now going to try to defeat Spider-Man on his own.

Appears In...

Jan 1996 App: Sensational Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #0
  Fights Spidey, gets stuff Mysterio wants, then escapes
Feb 1996 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #408
  Dukes it out with Spidey to keep him away from Mysterio, and loses
Jul 1996 FB: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #413
Jul 1996 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #413
  Teams up with Mysterio again, and loses. Apparently ends pact with Mysterio

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