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This review was first published on: 2007.


This is a UK production of a 45 rpm Single. One side features "Spider-Man meets the Green Goblin", and the other features "Spider-Man Spider-Man". Both are adaptations of the Theme Tune to the 1960's Spider-Man TV show.

In Detail...

Lewis Brown Sharples: 60's Spider-Man TV Theme
Year 1983 : SM Title
Summary: 45 rpm Single (Code LBS 001)
Publisher:  Intersong Music, Ltd.
Record Label:  Lewis Brown Sharples
Arranger:  Bill Conner
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This little vinyl disc is created by "The True Believers". With the record having the code LBS 001, and given that Messrs Lewis, Brown, Sharples (plus most of their respective families) are credited with working on the record as part of a long list of named "Spider-Friends", I get the feeling that a bunch of guys got together and did this on a shoestring budget. Presumably, they got permission from one of their drinking buddies who happened to work at Marvel UK at the time.

The record cover is a simple paper slip, though well enough done for all its flimsiness. The sound quality of the disc actually pretty good. But of course, it's the music that really interests us.

The first side is basically the Spider-Man theme with Peter's voiceover. "That Green Goblin is up to his tricks again." His tone is decidedly tongue-in-cheek, these guys are having fun! The music opens with a honky-tonk electric piano, but quickly drops into a pretty classic rock beat, not too different from the original, though with a hint of silliness. The voice over continues, with Peter and the Goblin taunting each other, before Peter has to rush back to dinner.

The second track is just, well... crazy. It starts again with the honky-tonk electric piano, but then quickly goes DJ electro-beat with silky female vocals, before dropping into back-beat funky psychedelia, with increasingly silly voice overs. These guys are seriously tripped out!

In General...

This is inspired lunacy, and it's as entertaining as heck. I don't like your chances of getting hold of a copy - I was lucky to see it on eBay and picked it up for a few bucks, but they must be few and far between. Then of course, your second challenge is to find a record player to play it on!

Overall Rating...

What a gas. Brilliant stuff. Four fun-filled webs.